Here is how it works.

The mission of Earths Purest / GeoCure over the next 8 years is to create 2.5 m acres of organic, pesticide-free Non-GMO Bee & Pollinator habitat (BeeHab) in North America and 20 million acres globally over the next 12 years. Simultaneously, this acreage in North America is intended to support 5 million natural & Non-GMO beehives we intend to breed, as well as an additional 20 million hives globally; using our 100% natural, pesticide-free, Non-GMO cover cropping process called SuperForage™.

MiracleHives are 100% natural and come completely assembled with a queen and worker bees.  

A MiracleHive makes 100 lbs to 600 lbs of honey per MiracleHive annually!

(3X to 8X the National Average of 58.9 lbs).

We Pay You to Save Bees … Working Together to Reverse Global Hive Loss

You Own Your MiracleHive at GeoCure BeeHab, and we do all the work for you! 

  • At GeoCure BeeHabs in Utah and opening soon around the world, your MiracleHives will grow 5X in 6 years!

  • Each 1 MiracleHive at BeeHab will be expanded to 5 MiracleHives over a 6 year period.

MiracleHives Make Amazing Christmas Gifts!

BONUS!: Order Your MiracleHives Now and receive 2X for Free!… each 1 MiracleHive purchased for $700 now …we'll be grown 10X over 6-years into 10 MiracleHives!

Earths Purest Honey = Real Money for You!

MiracleHives at GeoCure BeeHab become Revenue Producing Assets!

Here’s how it works …

  • MiracleHives at BeeHab, as part of the GeoCure Global Hive Cooperative …are cared for and protected 24-7-365

  • Here’s the Best Part …you don’t have to take physical possession of your MiracleHives

  • You own MiracleHives at GeoCure BeeHab …but we do all the work for you !

  • You receive 50% of the honey and Earths Purest earns the other 50% for it care & preservation services

  • Your MiracleHives at BeeHab are guaranteed to grow & produce a minimum of 100+ lbs. of honey annually

  • The Earths Purest  Co-op will guarantee to purchase your 50% of the honey from you at $2.00 per lbs

  • This means that every MiracleHive you own …becomes a Revenue Producing Asset!

  • You become a Virtual Beekeeper or “A VeeKeeper”…and through the BeeHab™ app coming in Summer 2020

  • You are personally connected to GeoCure BeeHab and your MiracleHives via your Smart Phone or device

  • You can watch your bees at BeeHab …doing the Waggle Dance & Making Honey …making you MONEY!

  • If you want some of your delicious Earths Purest Honey ™, or to send some to a friend or loved one …

  • MiracleHive can be delivered to your Home in 24 to 48 hours with a simple tap of your finger!

  • A MiracleHive  cost just $700 each …or

  • BeeFriend Earth and OSR Academy of Self-Reliance as a “Fiscal Sponsor” is a Free MiracleHive Thank you Gift program

  • You can receive (1) MiracleHive as a FREE Thank you Gift; for each $1,000 tax-deductible donation to:

     BeeFriend Earth Nonprofit via OSR Academy of Self-Reliance.

To Join the GeoCure Global Hive Cooperative and Receive a Free Revenue Producing MiracleHive Grown 10X at BeeHab.


“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

Mark Twain

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